The Faith Gardener

Faith Formation Teaching and Training

Welcome! I'm Christy Olson and I care deeply about your faith journey. I serve as an Associate in Ministry for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. My faith journey includes experiences attending a Methodist College and a Catholic University, serving in Congregational and Presbyterian congregations and writing for the Unitarian Universalist Association. My garden of experience is diverse.


Engage me to lead your next faith formation workshop, class or session.

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Helping Faith Grow
Please read my bio or come visit my blog to learn about the inclusive philosophy I bring to faith formation education. My workshops and sessions offer something for everyone in your church, faith group or community.


My passion for lifelong learning keeps me constantly looking for new ways to help others stretch and grow in their faith. I am an avid gardener and see a parallel between the sacred cycle of the seed and the lifelong journey of faith formation. Knowing that metaphor through story has long been a method of teaching faith, I continue to look for ways to parallel plant growth and faith growth.