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Hire Me To Teach Your Faith Formation Workshop, Train Your Faith Community, Or Write Your Faith Curriculum

Do you need an experienced trainer for your faith formation program or workshop? From my homebase in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, I can come to you anywhere within the continental U.S. to engage with both children and adults in meaningful workshops, classes and training sessions.

My skills as a faith curriculum writer are also at your service. If there is a curriculum your church uses and would like to get organized into a saleable format, I can help you with this, too.

Read my Bio to gain an overview of my experience as a writer, teacher and trainer and view my specialized classes and programs, below. My fees plus transportation are as quoted. Please, contact me with any questions you may have about what I can do for your community.

One Hour Workshops for kids and families

Are you looking for a one-week activity for children in your religious education program? The Faith Gardener can help. Schedule these classes for $125.00 a week or $200.00 for both classes. The congregation is in charge of all duplicating and supplies. Christy does the teaching. 

My Fee
Kid or Family Classes
Single Classes are $125.00 a class. If you schedule 2 at the same time it is $200.00

Household Rituals

We will look at where the family "goes" when they leave the sanctuary of their home. By identifying the places that are hardest to go and asking ourselves "why", we will be able to understand the place of ritual in centering us as we go into the world. We will make doorway family blessings and end in a group ritual around a labyrinth supporting one another as sacred households.

ABC's and 123's of a Congregational Safety Team

This workshop will help congregational leaders consider effective policies and procedures around issues of safety for children, youth and vulnerable adults. We will look at what happens if congregations do not have such procedures in place and how to get a jumpstart on writing effective policies.

Inclusive Worship and Children

We will discuss why children belong in the entire worship service and how this is the only true way to provide an inclusive worship experience. Be prepared to share ways that your church works towards inclusive worship that involves children. We will also discuss the delicate balance of change when it comes to rethinking worship in churches.

Spiritual Faith Practices and Families

What place do faith practices have in the life of a family? In this workshop, we will look at spiritual practices with the eyes of a family. This is an interactive workshop with discussion. We will explore a family pilgrimage, chanting, being attentive, prayer beads and other faith practices.

Children and the Bible

What are the well known and unknown stories in the Bible that revolve around children? We look at them and see why or why not they might be part of the canon. Bible discovery and exploration with a healthy dose of lessons for us now are part of this workshop.

Talkin' to Jesus

Appropriate for children ages Preschool through second grade. Is there a phone to call Jesus? We will use story, song, and fun discussion to figure out when, how and why we talk to Jesus.

Prayer Patterns

Appropriate for children ages 3rd-5th grade. Exploration of different ways to prayer (i.e. prayer beads, silent prayer and litanies). Kids will do a giant puzzle around lots of ways to pray. They will make prayer beads and write prayers of Loving kindness.  
"I felt all the objectives I had in mind were met, to expose the kids to new prayer ideas, let parents become more comfortable with leading their kids in prayer and to allow the teachers to see good teaching techniques utilized!" - Kris Potter, Mayflower Community Church

Series of Classes for Groups

Whole and Holy Families

This is a multi-generation exploration of becoming whole and holy families who gather in community. Families of all shapes and sizes come together to affirm each other in their spiritual journey. Families share relationships and experiences as they gain resiliency and strength in their household and in their church. This group of classes is for EVERYONE in the church.

My Fee:
Small Congregations (Less than 400): $400.00
Medium Congregations (400-700): $500.00
Large Congregations (Over 700): $650.00

Session 1: Being a Whole Family

Who is our family and how do we work together on a daily basis? We will look at ways to celebrate family and rituals to bless us each when we are separate and when we return home again.

Session 2: Families in Prayer

How do we make prayer an integral part of our family life? We will learn the transition from prayers we DO to the prayer we ARE, in our lives.

Session 3: Holy Texts and Families

What are holy texts? The Bible, the Tanakh, the Koran are obvious answers. How do we read holy texts? We will look at the 8 stories that form the timeline for Christianity.

Session 4: Families and Community

Families need the church community. We will talk about how to be a household and good members of a community of believers. What do we bring to worship? What do we bring to community?

Children's Ministry 101

I wrote this series of four classes originally for the Center of Lifelong Learning at Luther Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota. This class offers a place for people who work daily with children and families in congregations to share ideas and learn new methods for the faith communities of the future.

Host Community provides space set up and take down, advertising, money collection, class list and a power point projector (if possible). I will materials either written or as a class email.

My Fee:
All attendees from host church are free. Others are $60.00 per person.

Session 1: Core Values and Children's Ministry

We will explore how programs that involve children and families can grow in faith when they understand their core values. What best practices support your core value in children and family ministry?

Session 2: Faith Formation and Today's Families

Explores some characteristics of families and the need for whole family ministry. We will examine ways to celebrate faith rites of passage and rituals at home.

Session 3: Curriculum and Children

What kinds of curriculum support children's spiritual growth at home and in the faith community? We will look at lots of ways to define 'curriculum'.

Session 4: Children's Ministry All the Time

Does children and family ministry only happen on Sunday a.m.? What are the options for summer, vacations and retreats? We will look at ways to offer help to families as we move children's faith forward all the time.

Customized Training
My Fee: Will Provide Quote Upon Request

Are there questions that you want to explore in the area of faith formation as a family or faith community? Call me and we'll see if we can figure out a way for me to help you in your discovery process.

Contract Writing
My Fee: Will Provide Quote Upon Request

Is there a curriculum you have always done at your church that you would like to put into saleable form? I can help with contract writing projects. Let's work together.



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