Meet Christy

My Education & Background

I wear diverse hats in the world of faith formation. I teach. I write. I consult. All of these come from my lifelong journey. People, experiences and a love of the natural world have blessed me with lots of ideas. My ideas have become classes for parents and children, professional children’s ministry training, a book for children and lots of faith formation curriculum. (Click here for full resume)

Unlike Mary Tyler Moore, when I finished college as a young woman of 21, I did not end up in Minneapolis! Rather, I accepted a teaching assignment in rural South Dakota. I learned so much in the Black Hills about being part of truly holy land and doing the sacred work of teaching. Whether directing a private preschool in Oklahoma or teaching through Luther Seminary, I consider my time with students learning to be a gift from God. My teaching style includes stories, good questions and lots of laughter.

My Teaching Experience

I am a trained elementary teacher and began this journey teaching in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In the sacred hills the word “holy” in my life became integrated in my soul. I have owned and operated a private preschool and kindergarten. I have taught at Luther Seminary and Pine Technical and Community College in Minnesota. My teaching style includes developmentally appropriate resources, stories, good questions and lots of laughter. I learn as I teach. My passion for lifelong learning keeps me constantly looking for new ways to help others stretch and grow in their faith. I am an avid gardener and see a parallel between the sacred cycle of the seed and the cycle of faith formation. Knowing that metaphor through story has long been a method of teaching faith, I continue to look for ways to parallel plant growth and faith growth. My fingernails are full of dirt, my face is often streaked with dirt and sweat and I love every moment of it! The garden keeps growing and so am I.

My Work As A Writer

In 2005, I took a big jump off a dock into uncertainty as I decided to chase down a lifetime dream of writing. I can honestly say I had no idea what I was doing. What I did know was the life of faith educators and the life of families with young children. My mentors are many. They molded my writing and took a chance on me. Most projects were successful. Some were not. I learned unbelievable lessons about communicating with words.

My passion for lifelong learning keeps me constantly looking for new ways to help others stretch and grow through my writing. I love to write Reflections to help people think. (see Reflections) I have written loads of faith formation curriculum, children’s sermons and short units for kids. Now I am blogging for others and writing books.

My Work as a Consultant

Training is more focused that teaching. Pastoral Theology and Theology are a passion of mine. The intricacies of understanding theology in today’s culture of family and faith, fascinates me. I have developed two series of trainings.

One is called “Whole and Holy Families” (download flyer here). This training brings all ages and generations together to explore:

  • Being a Whole Family
  • Families in Prayer
  • Families and Holy Readings
  • Families in Community

The second training I often hold is for those volunteers and paid staff that work with children. I call this training “Children’s Ministry 101” (download flyer here). This works best as a training for multiple churches and denominations. The sections are.

  • Children’s Ministry: Structures, Core Values, Staffing
  • Faith Formation and Families
  • Curriculum: Choosing and Adapting
  • Children’s Ministry in the World

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